Please do NOT buy Paul Jones's Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide...

Published: Fri, 02/06/15 full price!

Yes, of course, like last year I'm clearly not telling you to boycott this essential Cheltenham Festival publication, that would be foolish!

What I am telling you is that I have again managed to get NTF readers a tasty £3 discount on the normal price of £14.95 when entering the code NTF in the promotional code box. This year I’ve successfully twisted their arms and managed to get the discount code to you a couple of weeks earlier than normal.

This is the 4th year in a row I have managed to get this discount for NTF readers and as you know I only promote products that I would use myself and that I am 100% happy and confident with. Paul's book is in it's 16th year of publication, it is industry respected, it is packed full of information...I'm happy to promote it!

Paul usually gets in contact with me at this time of the year as he kindly drops me a free copy of his book as thanks for writing a chapter for him a few years back. This year, however, I went and badgered him for an NTF discount code for you guys, I wanted it earlier this year as I know some of you miss out on the discount as you've already made the order, thankfully he obliged (with a bit of gentle persuasion!).

Not only do you get the £3 discount but you also get a no-strings-attached FREE £10 bet from Stan James upon purchase of Paul's Cheltenham Festival Betting Guide. The great thing about the Free bet offer is that it is open to new AND existing customers of Stan James; you can't say fairer than that.

Now I'm assuming that if you buy the guide then you will be having a bet at the Festival (surely?!), you are getting a FREE £10 bet with Stan James, you are getting a £3 discount by quoting NTF, essentially you are only paying £1.95 for this excellent and essential Cheltenham Betting Guide!!

There is also another freebie with this year’s guide...A FREE PINT!! Don’t worry though, it won’t come through the post to you, you will receive a voucher for a free pint of Hook Norton, redeemable at any Hook Norton owned pub. Nice.

Personally I like to dip in and out of the book when I have some down time, there is a good chance it will become my 'toilet book' for around a month (you know, the one you read when you are sitting on the toilet!!) and there is also a good chance I will still be dipping into the book whilst lounging in the garden in the summertime. Why would I still be reading it in the summer? Well it's packed with interesting pointers, angles and views and I'm always trying to cram my brain with interesting racing knowledge, that's just how I operate. Paul’s book fits my downtime modus operandi perfectly.

Basically it is an essential publication to have at your disposal and it's essential you DON'T pay full price for it, not when you can pop NTF in the promotional code box and get £3 off!


Ben (NTF)

p.s. if you want an example page from the book before you buy then you can contact

p.p.s. you can make a phone order by calling 01933 304776 (you can still get the discount that way by quoting NTF)